Supplying Quality Hay
For More Than 20 Years.

We started with a simple desire to consistently supply fresh quality horse hay to feed stores in the central Florida area. Twenty years later, our operations have expanded and we are now a supplier of superior quality forages to clients around the globe. We supply equine quality forages to a variety of customers ranging from those with a backyard stable, to premier breeders, trainers, and show rings around the world.

Currently, we also supply several of the top zoos in the United States. These wildlife preservation facilities care for and house many forms of animal species with specific and critical needs for care, breeding and rearing.

My family, team, and I have been blessed in our growth. We have been cautious in our planning to remain true and close to our roots and values. We remain grateful to a very loyal customer base that has enabled our growth and has enjoyed and supported our diversity in product offerings over the years. Our most recent expansion has been the opening of G FIVE Feed & Outdoor. With the opening of our new retail facilities, we have relocated and incorporated The Hay Exchange retail store as a cornerstone providing one of the safest and most comfortable shopping experience for purchasing hay in the country. Consistent with the early days of our operation, fresh hay arrives on a daily basis. We continue the tradition of allowing customers the opportunity to personally select their hay. Our customers know the individual dietary differences of their animals and are best-suited to personally make selections. In addition, G FIVE Feed & Outdoor will continue to offer the best quality and performance outdoor, farm, and agriculture products designed for you and your animals.

Matching the right hay and feed is the foundation of any successful feeding program, which is why we proudly offer both Purina and Nutrena brand animal feeds.

By separating The Hay Exchange operations to address the individual needs of retail and distribution customers, we can provide an enhanced focus on each aspect of the business and provide greater attention to the individual needs of each type of customer. The distribution center for The Hay Exchange will focus on importing fresh hay and other forage products on a daily basis to dealers, exporters and large zoos throughout the United States, Caribbean, Central and South America. Stampede Premium Brand cubes, pellets, compressed bedding products along with other trusted name brands are also available to these customers.

Thank you for your support and help as we continue to strive to better serve your needs.