Hay bales at the Hay Exchange in Plant City Florida

Quality hay arrives fresh daily at the Hay Exchange! We carry the best hay from across North America.  The hay is evaluated while it grows, when it’s baled, and after it ships to ensure our supply offers consistent quality and nutrition for top performance year after year.

Our 50,000 square-foot warehouse and retail space receives thousands of bales of hay each business day, and our supply turns over almost daily, ensuring the freshest product for you and your animals. A wide variety of hays are available at The Hay Exchange allowing us to offer a selection of quality forage for horses, parks, zoos and cattle.  Our wide assortment of hay includes:

Timothy Hay

Pure premium Timothy is offered in two string, three string and double compressed bales. In most cases, The Hay Exchange sources Timothy hay from both the eastern and western United States.

Alfalfa Hay

The Hay Exchange’s Alfalfa is typically sourced from the western United States, and is available in two and three string compressed bales.

Timothy/Alfalfa Hay

The Timothy/Alfalfa blend, or T&A, is commonly offered in two string and compressed bales, and it is available in first and second cutting (the second cutting is known for its heavier Alfalfa content). The Hay Exchange sources this popular hay from both the western and eastern parts of the United States and Canada.

Orchard/Alfalfa Hay

Commonly known as O&A, Orchard/Alfalfa has  continued to grow in popularity and demand. It is available in both two string and compressed bales, and The Hay Exchange typically sources it from the western United States.

Specialty Hays

When available, The Hay Exchange extends its variety of hays by bringing in hard-to-find, specialty hays like Colorado Mountain Grass, Peanut Hay and Orchard Grasses. Visit The Hay Exchange or Contact Us in advance to find out if your favorite specialty hay is in stock.