Stampede Premium

Stampede Premium is an exclusive line of premium hay cubes, pellets, bedding and horse care products. The Stampede line has grown to become a nationally-respected brand offering customers unmatched quality at a great price.

The Stampede Premium line includes:

Stampede Premium Hay Cubes

Stampede Premium is the ultimate hay cube, naturally sun-cured forage to maximize palatability and performance while offering optimum horse nutrition.

Full size cubes

  • Alfalfa
  • Timothy-Alfalfa

Mini cubes

  • Alfalfa
  • Timothy-Alfalfa

Stampede Premium Hay Pellets

Peak Harvested to provide concentrated nutrition.  Stampede Premium Alfalfa Pellets and our new Timothy Grass Pellets are a perfect choice for your horse or small animal.  Stampede pellets are easy to digest and reduce waste.

Stampede Premium Bedding and Deodorizers

  • Stampede Premium Stall Fresh
    An all natural and odorless way to minimize stall odor.  Stampede Stall Fresh absorbs odor, dries horse stalls, neutralizes ammonia, improves animal comfort and extends the life of the bedding. Ideal for improving environmental conditions in horse stalls, barns, trailers and foaling areas as well as sick pens, and paddocks.
  • Stampede EZ Clean
    These kiln dried small flakes are doubled screened for consistent size and quality.  EZ Clean simplifies horse stall cleaning and maximizes urine absorption.
  • Stampede Premium Blend
    This perfect blend of small flakes, medium flakes and sawdust maximizes comfort and functionality.
  • Stampede Kurlz
    These medium size kurlz and flakes maximize horse stall comfort while enhancing stall presentation.
  • Stampede  Pinewood Pellets
    Bedding pellets, which can provide dryer, longer-lasting bedding than shavings,  have become increasingly popular in a variety of Equine bedding applications. Stampede Pinewood Pellets are made from 100%  eco-friendly, kiln-dried, pine products.